Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Challenges: Memoirs and New York

Yes, I've done it again - found two more really great looking challenges that I just can't pass up. But they fit so well with all my other reading challenges, I don't think they'll be a problem.

The Memorable Memoir Reading Challenge is being hosted by Melissa of The Betty and Boo Chronicles. See the sign-up page here.
My progress page, with list of possible reads will be here.

The New York Challenge is being hosted by Jill of Fizzy Thoughts. See the sign-up page here.
And again, see my progress page, with list of possibilities, on my challenge blog here.


  1. I'm doing both of those challenges too! They're irresistible. Have fun with them!

  2. So glad to have you join us for the Memorable Memoir Challenge! I'm doing the NY one, too.

  3. I already finished the memoir challenge. I love reading memoirs but New York sounds good. I may have to sign up for another. I had to create a folder to keep them all straight and I still don't know if they are all there.


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