Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Thingers: Reviews

This week, the Tuesday Thingers topic is about the LT reviewing process:
Do you add your reviews to the books you add to your library? If so, do you put your full review on there, or a quick review (one - two paragraphs)? Do you find other people's reviews helpful? Do you know of any other ways to enter your reviews (Other than Edit Book, or Quick Edit)?
I almost decided to sit this one out. I've gotten so far behind in my reviewing, it's really kind of embarrassing to talk about. I've been sort of all over the place lately – not getting much reading or reviewing done, for some reason. [Note to self: Pull yourself together!]

I do put just about all my reviews on LibraryThing as well as on my blog. At first, I was just putting a link to the blog review, but I decided that was sort of off-putting. Now I put an actual review on the LT site, but it's frequently a scaled-down version of the review that appears on my blog.

No, I don't know of any other ways to add reviews. In the beginning, I did find the process a little confusing; but now that I've had some experience with it I don't really find it all that inconvenient. In addition to the book page, I usually put a very short thumbnail review or synopsis on my 50 Book Challenge site, for each book I read – just a line or two.

Yes, I do find other people's reviews very helpful, and I do read them. Lately, however, I've begun thinking that if a book already has hundreds of reviews, there's probably not much point in adding one more. So probably in the future, I'll take that into consideration before I add my rantings to the already crowded LT review list. Of course, that wouldn't apply in the case of the Early Reviewer books I get. I'll definitely keep on adding my reviews of those, no matter how many are there before me.

Tuesday Thingers is hosted by Wendi of Wendi's Book Corner. If you'd like to see more or participate yourself, head on over to her blog and leave a comment.


  1. I just recently got a Library Thing account, and it looks interesting. I've yet to add any reviews. I'm still figuring it all out!

  2. I basically use the same review everywhere, too.

  3. I add my reviews to Library Thing too, but if there's already a ton of reviews on a book, I'll pare mine down to a shorter version that just gives how I really felt about it.

  4. I use the same one for Library Thing, Goodreads, and my blog. I'm way behind too...don't feel bad!!

  5. Good point - I never forget to review my ER books!

  6. Everyone seems to love Lirary Thing. Maybe I should check it out.

  7. I usually just copy and paste my blog review right into Library Thing. I find it very easy.


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