Thursday, May 14, 2009

Booking Through Thursday: Gluttony? Who, Me?

Hello. Joy's books here. Joy can't come to the blog right now because she's either: a) out buying more books; b) running to the library to bring home more books; c) dusting/arranging/storing/reading the books she's already got overflowing her shelves.

But she just wanted to let you know that she admits to being a truly world-class Book Glutton who just can't seem to get enough of us books. She loves new books and she loves old books and she loves her own books and she'd love your books, too, if she could get her hands on them. ( Watch it!) She buys way too many books – many more than she'll ever actually read because she's the world's slowest reader (don't tell her we said that).

Anyway, it was nice talking to you, and Joy will be back soon. So if you'd like to leave a comment, please do so after the beep, and she'll get back to you ASAP. 'Bye now. Beeeeeeeeeeeepppp!!!!!


  1. It's crazy...I can't seem to get enough either!

  2. hehe.

    Since you said you use to be a library person, like myself, then started to buy books. I may be coming down that route as well.

    ~ Popin

  3. I got a good chuckle out of your post!

  4. Hello Books, can you please tell Joy that it's absolutely fine to indulging in acquiring more books.

    Proud to be a glutton, but I try not to buy. I grab the ones that I'm most desperate to read and leave the rest on a list.

  5. That was pretty funny. We must be twins. I can't keep my hands off books, either.

  6. Hello Joy's books, this is DelGal's books speaking, we really should make our people attend a support group for book gluttons, but then again we wouldn't be around, so maybe never mind.


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