Friday, November 21, 2008

Read Your Own Books (What a Concept!)

I almost forgot about this. This week I signed up for my first new challenge of the new year, and it's not even December yet. Now what was that I was saying about cutting back on challenges in 2009?

Oh, well. This one just seemed too good to pass up. It's the Read Your Own Books (RYOB) Challenge, and it's being hosted by MizB (of Should Be Reading). No lists to make. No minimum or maximum number of books to read. The basic rules are these:

  • set a goal for how many of your OWN books you’d like to read in 2009
  • read from your own collection between January 1st and December 31st, 2009
How neat is that? You can sign up by visiting the challenge announcement page here, and leaving a comment.

My TBR list has several hundred books on it by now, but I'm going to be conservative and say I'll try to read a dozen of them – that's just one book a month. After all, I want to save some reading time for all those new books I'll inevitably be acquiring during the year, don't I?


  1. I like this challenge, and I think I'll join in. I'm leery, though, that I'll be able to do as many as you. I think I'll make a more conservative goal and try to surprise myself. (It doesn't take much to make me happy!)

  2. I do need to read more of my own books!!!

  3. oy. you know the whole reviewing-ARCs thing has gone too far when people have to be reminded that it's okay to CHOOSE what you WANT to read! :-)


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