Monday, March 31, 2008

Random Photo Monday: Let's Play Dolls

I have a large doll collection. Well, "collection" is a really tame word for what I have. I have a mass of dolls. All kinds and sizes. Dolls from my childhood, and dolls I've acquired since I've been old enough to know better. Hoping that Will Rogers would forgive the misquote, let's just say I never met a doll I didn't like.

Most of my dolls are in storage now, patiently awaiting their chance to come back out and see the light of day once again. For ten years or more, I was an active collector, living in a frenzy of doll shows, doll auctions, doll books, and doll web sites.

Alas, that all had to end when I realized that if I brought one more doll into the condo, the two humans living here were going to have to find a new home.

This photo was taken a few years back, when I was in the process of filling up a new display cabinet with some of the dolls. Ostensibly, I was dusting and arranging; in actuality I was just having a great time playing with my dollies.

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  1. Wow! I have never seen your doll collection! Impressive! I have to say though, hiding behind the doll reminds me of the neighbor on "Home Improvement"! Why are you hiding!


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