Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Parade

Easter Sunday. I have very mixed emotions about Easter Sunday. First of all, there's the fact that my mother died on an Easter Sunday. Also, I'm not terribly religious, and M and I don't generally go to church on Easter anymore. And these days we live far away from all our families, so we no longer get to indulge in the ritual of dressing up for church and then spending the day visiting relatives and stuffing ourselves with Easter goodies.

And even though this year Easter comes right at the beginning of Spring, and all the flowers and trees are blooming again, I'm feeling very nostalgic. So I'm putting up a photo of myself and my cousin on Easter Sunday, circa 1952, I believe. She'll probably murder me for doing this.

But weren't we cute?

I was the oldest (still am!), so that's me on the left, and my cousin MLB on the right. As usual, I had my eyes closed. Notice the white gloves - even on my 2-year-old cuz (although it's hard to see). Well, we were always quite a fashionable pair. I wonder if our mothers ever got the grass stains out of all that organdy.

Happy Easter, everybody. And Happy Spring.

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  1. I know that Easter is hard, I thought about it too. I mean, your mom was my second mom so I am right there with you.

    If you were closer -- WHEN you get closer -- we will do all the holiday goodies -- but we won't do the hats. Please, no hats. There were hats at church today. It is windy. There were hats being chased into the street today. It wasn't pretty.

    No, I won't kill you for putting up the pic. We were adorable. Actually, we are still adorable in that middle-age sort of way. It's all in the attitude and in 1952 we had lots of attitude -- still do.

    Where were we? Guessing MaMa's? Those cedar trees were so little. Why did everybody plant them when we were so allergic to them? Guess they didn't know. I think those trees are still there. Happy happy times. *Sigh*


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