Monday, March 24, 2008

Random Photo Monday: Family Group

Looking back over my family history files, I noticed that my great-grandfather died March 22, 1942 – sixty-six years ago this month. I never met him or my great-grandmother (my father's grandparents); they both died before I was born.

This is a (not very clear) photo of the two of them with all their children, taken sometime around late 1905. Most of the pictures I have of my father's family are copies of copies of copies, so not the best quality.

My g-grandfather, Frank Grohman, is the one with the mustache, on the far left. His wife, Mary Anna, is in the middle with their youngest child on her lap (that would have been Great Uncle "Veste," short for Sylvester – yes, that's a boy).

My grandmother, Emma Mary Grohman, is standing in the back, second from the right. She would have been about 22 at the time and probably pregnant with my Aunt Emma, her second child. She had married my grandfather in 1902. Her youngest daughter, my Aunt Ella, looked just like her; and so does Ella's daughter Jane. And the older I get, the more I'm starting to resemble her, too. Strong genes, I guess.


  1. I see Granny in you but I still think you are more Linnie. I, on the other hand, am still Linnie but turning rapidly into Marice although my cousin Jackson thinks I am morphing into my mother while I think I look more like YOUR mother. Genes are weird things, aren't they?

  2. They are indeed. I haven't seen Marice in something like 40 years, but I don't think you look much like what I remember of her. I really think you're a combination of your mother and Linnie. Well, we both look a LOT like Linnie.

  3. What a fantastic picture. I love that sort of thing.

    You might be interested in a neat site I stumbled upon:

    It's a collection of "vernacular photography" -- that is, pictures found in flea markets and second-hand shops and things. Pretty fascinating (though some NSFW).


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