Sunday, January 03, 2016

New Year, New Reads, New Challenges

Happy New Year, everyone!

I've been unusually lazy during this time between Christmas and the dawn of the new year. We're still sort of in Holiday mode around here -- we typically leave the decorations up until at least the 5th, and our main activity is trying to finish up all those jigsaw puzzles we've been saving up for this time of year.

Still haven't decided what will be my first book of 2016. Most years, I've at least picked out something by now. I'm hoping that's not a bad omen. I usually try to start off with a thriller or sci-fi of some sort. But this year I'm thinking I might begin the year with one of the Mrs. Malory books (by Hazel Holt who died in 2015) -- there are still three or four books in the series that I need to read, and I'm a huge fan of Sheila Malory.

Lately, my major bookish activity (aside from coloring books -- but more about those later) has been figuring out which reading challenges I want to take part in during 2016, and getting all the bookkeeping set up for those. So far, I've signed up for 17 challenges (see my list); mostly ones that I join every year, but also a few new ones, like the Blogger Shame Review Challenge and the Color Coded Challenge. I'm trying very hard to stop at 17, but there are several others I'm really interested in -- especially:

And then there's Reading Challenge Addicts -- I guess that's sort of a no-brainer for me. I definitely belong there.

I'm hoping to do a regular "challenge checkup" post on the blog this year. Maybe once a month or so -- just to keep me on track and show myself how I'm doing and what I still need to read.

I'm also planning to do more Sunday Salon posts. It's been many, many months (or possibly years) since I participated in the group -- I sort of abandoned it once it became a Facebook group, since I'm not a real FB person. Hoping to get back to it in 2016.

Anyway, that's the plan at the moment. But that could all change, of course. The year (unlike yours truly) is young.


  1. There are so many fun challenges it's hard to limit them!

  2. I love jigsaw puzzle during the holidays. Our holiday stuff is all put away and I was kind of sad to see it go.

  3. We did jigsaw puzzle during the holiday week at my parents' house. They're gone now and that's not part of my life anymore -- I love when I see evidence of other families engaging in such a wonderful activity.

    I found your post on FB's Sunday Salon -- so thanks for sharing it there!

  4. 17! Boy, keeping track of all those must be fun. Good luck!

  5. Lots of challenges. Very brave of you! I was swamped by challenges and have really scaled back on my commitments.

  6. Egads! You're really ambitious. My one-day-at-a-time mantra means reading challenges are both dangerous and off-limits for me. But I look forward to reading about your adventures.

  7. I, for one, would, and will, look forward to seeing more of you again at The Sunday Salon. You've been missed.


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