Thursday, January 14, 2016

Book Beginnings: The Children's Home

The Children's Home, by Charles Lambert (Scribner, January 5, 2016). These are the first two sentences of Chapter One:
The children began to arrive soon after Engel came to the house. It was Engel who found the first one, an infant girl, in a basket, with a bundle of neatly folded, freshly washed clothes.

My Thoughts:

I do like those opening lines -- a little eerie, a little Dickensian. That opening passage is what attracted me to the book in the first place. I'm about a quarter of the way through and, though it's not exactly what I expected, I'm enjoying it so far. Well, maybe "enjoying" isn't quite the right word. But it's keeping me curious about what's going to happen next. Which, I suppose, is nearly the same thing.

Rose City Reader hosts Book Beginnings on Fridays. As she says, the idea is to post the first sentence (or so) of the book you're currently reading, along with any first impressions or thoughts you have about the book, the author, etc.  It's a wonderful way of adding new books to your must-read list, and a chance to connect with other readers and bloggers.


  1. The cover and opening make me want to know more about it. Happy reading!

    Check out my Friday 56 (With Book Beginnings).

  2. This one left me wondering how I felt about it. It certainly left an impression!

  3. I agree about the beginning being both eerie and Dickensian - but I like it too - have never heard of this book so I'll have to add it to my list. Here's my Friday post

  4. Great cover and opening lines! Now I do want to know what happens next...and I'll be watching for more thoughts.

    Here's mine: “THE CROSSING PLACES”

  5. Sounds intriguing. I like the cover and the opening passage would draw me in as well. I will add it to the ever growing list!

  6. It does sound a little Dickinsonian. I wonder what happens with the children? Are they cared for or experimented on? My Friday Quotes

  7. Oohh... this sounds so good! I love the cover and the snippets ....


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