Friday, January 29, 2016

Book Beginnings: Dreaming Spies

Dreaming Spies (Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes Mysteries #13), by Laurie R. King (Bantam, 2015). These are the book's opening lines:
"It's a rock, Holmes."
Sherlock Holmes raised his tea-cup to his lips. He swallowed absently, then glanced down in surprise, as if the homecoming drink had brought to mind the face of a long-forgotten friend. "Is it the water from our well that makes Mrs Hudson's tea so distinctive," he mused, "or the milk from Mrs Philpott's cows?"
My lack of reply had no effect on his pursuit of the idea.
Initial Thoughts:

I'm a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, so I had mixed emotions about a new series of novels using him as a character -- generally dubious about the enterprise, even though glad to see him back. That opening seemed intriguing if not terribly exciting; at least it didn't turn me off. And after a few more chapters, I'm still reading, but it's been slow-going. I think the problem might just be that, once again, I've jumped into the middle of a long-running series without having read any of the earlier books. I know that's usually a mistake, and I really should STOP doing it. But, anyway ... I'm hoping things will improve as the book and I go on together.

Rose City Reader hosts Book Beginnings on Fridays. As she says, the idea is to post the first sentence (or so) of the book you're currently reading, along with any first impressions or thoughts you have about the book, the author, etc.  It's a wonderful way of adding new books to your must-read list, and a chance to connect with other readers and bloggers.


  1. I really love this series but I do think it's one that's best started at the beginning - or at least towards the beginning. I haven't read this one but I have it and really want to. They aren't the fastest paced books though. I hope you end up enjoying it!

  2. I hope you enjoy the book! Here's mine Fridays

  3. Sherlock Holmes is a favorite and I've really been considering starting this series! Happy reading!

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