Monday, April 20, 2015

Reading Update

I haven't done an update post for quite a while. Mostly because I'm the laziest person in the world, and also have trouble sticking with any one project for longer than a minute and a half. Adult ADHD? No, probably just what my mother would have called "scatter-brained."

Anyhoo.  I've done pretty well with my reading lately, just haven't managed to do much reviewing. Hoping to correct that, this week.

Last month, I read four books which is a good number for me. Of course, two of those were for young people (well, I'm young at heart, right?):

Elidor, by Alan Garner. This has been on my TBR list for several decades, and I'm really glad the Once Upon A Time challenge finally gave me a reason to get around to it.

Nightbird, by Alice Hoffman. Her first novel specifically aimed at young readers, and a wonderful read.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, by Rita Mae Brown. Number nine in Brown's "Sister" Jane series.

The Book of Speculation, by Erika Swyler. A librarian who's just lost his job begins tracking down his mysterious family with the help of an antique book sent to him by a stranger.

So far, in April, I've finished two books:

The Witch of Painted Sorrows, by M.J. Rose.  Mesmerizing gothic novel set in 19th Century Paris.

The Fifth Gospel, by Ian Caldwell.  Disappointingly slow-moving thriller with an inside-the-Vatican setting.

And at the moment, I'm reading A Fine Summer's Day, one of the Inspector Rutledge mysteries by Charles Todd.

Liking it, so far; but it concentrates a little more on Rutledge's personal saga and a little less on the actual crime-solving than I'd like.

OK, that's the lot. As I said, that's a pretty good showing for me. So far, my reading for this year has been coming along at a fairly nice pace. How's your reading life going? Are you meeting your goals? Are you lagging behind?  Have you discovered any amazing new authors? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. I like Rita Mae Brown's Sneaky Pie books and don't know anything about the Sister Jane series.

  2. I am lagging behind on my posts about reading to be sure, but I've read a fair number of books. Because I have a Little Free Library in front of my house, I've been reading some YA novels that people have donated and enjoying them. I've read two realistic fiction by Sharon Creech. I used to love Alan Garner's books when I taught school. I especially liked The Owl Service. That was many moons ago. I'm not familiar with Sister Jane series either. I read Rita Mae Brown's other books, in part, because I'm originally from Va and liked that connection.


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