Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Teaser Tuesdays: The Red House Mystery

Well, I'm not sure what happened to December, but here we go with the first teasers of a brand new year. This week my teaser lines come from The Red House Mystery by A.A. Milne, creator of Winnie the Pooh. It was originally published in 1922, and was Milne's only mystery novel. This snippet comes very early in the book (Loc.17  in the Kindle edition), before any mayhem takes place; here we have the housekeeper Mrs. Stevens talking with her niece Audrey:
"....I was never the one to pretend to be what I wasn't. If I'm fifty-five, I'm fifty-five -- that's what I say."

"Fifty-eight, isn't it, auntie?"

"I was just giving that as an example," said Mrs Stevens with great dignity.

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  1. Oh, I have never heard of this one, but I am intrigued. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy.

    Here's mine: “CALL ME ZELDA”

  2. I like the teaser and like Laurel, I am intrigued!

  3. Cute! I've not heard of this either but I'm very glad you shared it today.

  4. I didn't know he wrote a mystery. That teaser made me laugh.

  5. LOL. I love your Teaser! This sounds like a delightful story.
    My Tuesday post features LEARNIN’ THE ROPES.

  6. I've never read Winnie the Pooh. Sounds like The Red House Mystery might be the perfect opportunity for me to sample Milne's writing.

    My TT this week is from the classic French mystery Fantômas: http://wp.me/pZnGI-h0

  7. Ha! Made me laugh out loud. In fact, I'm still smiling. I can almost hear her.
    One for my wish list:)
    Here's my TT from AWOL - http://fuonlyknew.com/2015/01/06/teaser-tuesdays-94-awol/

  8. Happy new year from Manitoba! You'd enjoy my trio: "Ethereal", "Gentle Spectrums", "My Kind Of Mystery". I give prizes and as a contrast to tricky challenges, they're all-encompassing. You're a shoe-in for 2/3, with mystery and colours on the go. My second year reprises February 1. We are never bogged down at Christmas. :) Sincerely,Carolyn. https://cmriedel.wordpress.com/riedel-challenges-2015/


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