Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Teaser Tuesdays: Santa Clawed

This week my teaser lines come from a book I read a few years ago -- Santa Clawed by Rita Mae Brown, part of her Mrs. Murphy mystery series. I've been looking for something with a Christmas theme, and realized I didn't remember "whodunnit" in this one, so I gave it a quick reread.

In case you're not familiar with the books, you need to know that Mrs. Murphy is a cat belonging to Mary Minor ("Harry") Haristeen, postmistress in the tiny village of Crozet, Virginia.  Harry has a talent for solving mysteries -- and a habit of getting herself involved in dangerous situations requiring the aid of Mrs. Murphy and Harry's other pets, Tucker (a Corgi) and Pewter (another pussycat). In this snippet, the critters have once again come to the rescue by attacking the villain:
"Mrs. Murphy, Pewter, let...go," Harry commanded....
Mrs. Murphy ripped out her claws. Pewter, knowing she had to as well, did, but not without the satisfaction of noticing some tiny bits of flesh dangling from them. (p.229)
Oooh, nice kitty! Guess you just can't take the jungle out of the cat.

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  1. Great teaser! My cats liked it too! Here's ours: http://www.ourstack.blogspot.com/2012/12/tuesday-teasers-3-today.html

  2. Love it! This is such a fun series ... but I'm woefully behind in it.

  3. This series sounds so hilarious. I've read other books by Rita Mae Brown, but not these yet. Going on my list!


  4. Ha! Love this teaser, I might have to give this one a read :)

    My Teaser

    Tiffany @ Book Cover Justice

  5. Ouch! I suppose the villain probably deserved it?

  6. Sounds like a cute series of books. Guess I'd better add them to my Kindle.
    My Teaser is from GOODBYE EMILY.

  7. Excellent teaser. Much check out this series some day! My teaser: A Wallflower Christmas


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