Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teaser Tuesdays: The House at Riverton

This week my teaser lines come from The House at Riverton by Kate Morton. I started this one back around the first of the year, and then put it aside to read other (shorter) works. Then got sidetracked by our move and all the business that involved. But now I'm taking it up again -- should be a good summer read. In this snippet, 98-year-old Grace Bradley is remembering her first days as a very young maid servant in the great house at Riverton:
The room was large, rectangular and gloomy, and wore the pallor of decorous neglect. It gave the impression of desertion, of a spell in an ancient tale. It slept the sleep of a hundred-year curse. The air hung heavily, thick and cold and suspended; and in the doll's house by the fireplace the dining table was set for a party whose guests would never come....It smelled musty, of ghostly children and long-settled dust. Vaguely alive. (p.26)

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  1. Great teaser! I read this book a few years ago; hope you're enjoying it! =)

    Here's my teaser(s) for this week

  2. Ooh, I love the way the room sounds like a character...even though it's a ghostly one.

    Very descriptive and I can almost feel the room.


  3. Very descriptive! I can almost smell the dust!
    Here's My Teaser!

  4. Great teaser. After reading The Distant Hours, I definitley want to read more by this author.

  5. Chilling teaser, sounds like a good one! My teaser

  6. For those that love description, a great teaser. Good for you for getting back to it.

  7. Lovely descriptions. Good teaser :)

  8. Great teaser! It sounds cold! And dusty! It is on my list because I really liked "The Forgotten Garden".

  9. Great teaser! Very descriptive.

  10. Sounds like a spooky story but a good descriptive one!


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