Thursday, June 09, 2011

Friday's List: Back in Time

Do you remember what you were reading around this time of year, ten years ago? How about twenty years ago? I've kept reading lists over the years, but not always by the month or week. And during the '90s, for a lot of reasons, my reading had fallen off alarmingly -- so there are tons of books from that period that I'd still love to read. In fact, I've got a sort of perpetual personal reading challenge going on, to nudge me into doing just that.

So I've been looking at some of the best-seller lists from that period. Here's the New York Times best-selling fiction list for the week of June 9th, 1991:
  1. Loves Music, Loves to Dance, by Mary Higgins Clark
  2. Oh, The Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss
  3. As the Crow Flies, by Jeffrey Archer
  4. The Firm, by John Grisham
  5. Heir to the Empire, by Timothy Zahn
  6. "H" is for Homicide, by Sue Grafton
  7. Bright Captivity, by Eugenia Price
  8. Heartbeat, by Danielle Steel
  9. Immortality, by Milan Kundera
  10. The Crown of Columbus, by Michael Dorris and Louise Erdrich
  11. The Seeress of Kell, by David Eddings
  12. Damage, by Josephine Hart
  13. Object Lessons, by Anna Quindlen
  14. The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal, by Lilian Jackson Braun
  15. The Seventh Commandment, by Lawrence Sanders
It's interesting to see how many of those authors are still publishing best-sellers twenty years later. Also interesting that both Josephine Hart and Lilian Jackson Braun died just this month.

Sad to say, I have not read a single one of the books on the list -- not even the Dr. Seuss! I was reading quite a bit of Milan Kundera back then, but managed to miss the book listed here; it's going on my Reading the '90s Challenge list right away!


  1. The Firm was my first John Grisham novel! Read it in...2002, 2003? I don't know if I would have read a series of legal thrillers if crime and the Mafia hadn't gotten my attention first. ;)

  2. It is interesting to see current authors on that list. I've read 2 of the books listed.

  3. Wow what a fun exercise! I was enjoying my last summer before college and I think I was reading Narcissus and Goldmund by Herman Hesse. Wow, that's a ways back. Twenty years ago, I was eight and either reading Baby Sisters Club or A Wrinkle in Time.. ;O)

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  5. Momma used to read those cat books by Lilian Jackson Braun and I think I have a couple of them here -- I always thought they looked interesting. I don't think I did as much reading back then as I am doing now -- I have more time now I guess.

  6. I love The Firm--highly recommend it! Oh the Places You'll Go is so inspiring, even for adults. And it's quick, being a children's book ;) This is a great idea for a challenge. A problem for me, though, is 20 years ago I was still in the children's section of the library :D

  7. I've read 6 of the books, which is amazing since I was in the midst of busy school aged kids.

  8. 10 and 20 years ago I was into Mary Higgins Clark and still read her newest, actually reading her newest now.

    The Firm and Danielle Steel were also others I read then.


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