Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Waiting On" Wednesday: King of Diamonds

Jill at Breaking the Spine, hosts "Waiting On" Wednesday, a weekly event spotlighting those new and future releases that we're looking forward to getting our hands on.

And this week, the book I'm looking forward to is:

The King of Diamonds
Written by Simon Tolkien
Minotaur Books
Expected Release Date: March 15, 2011

Description from GoodReads:
A sophisticated mystery layered with dark secrets from the past, and slow-burning suspense.

It’s 1960, and David Swain is two years into his life sentence for murdering the lover of his ex-girlfriend, Katya Osman. In the dead of night, David escapes from prison, and that same night Katya is found murdered in her uncle’s home, Blackwater Hall.

Inspector Trave of the Oxford Police, last seen in
The Inheritance, heads the manhunt for David, whom he first brought to justice two years earlier. But Trave’s suspicions lead him to Katya’s uncle Titus Osman, a rich diamond dealer, and his sinister brother-in-law, Franz Claes, who has gone to great lengths to hide his former ties with the Nazis. However, Trave’s motives are suspect - Osman is having an affair with Trave’s estranged wife, Vanessa, and a newcomer to the Oxford Police, Inspector Macrae, is eager to exploit Trave's weaknesses to further his own ambition. Caught up in his superiors’ rivalry, Trave's young assistant, Adam Clayton, finds himself uncertain who is right and which side to choose. Once David is captured and put on trial for his life, Trave is willing to risk everything that is dear to him—professionally and personally—to pursue his obsessive belief in Osman’s guilt.
I read Tolkien's first Inspector Trave novel (The Inheritance) last year and thought at the time that it would make a terrific series. So I'm glad to know that the author must have been thinking along those lines, too! I'm eagerly awaiting this new installment, but I do wish they'd come up with a better cover.


  1. That sounds good, but that cover is quite disturbing!

  2. Yikes, that's an intense cover! And now I have Dispatch's Prince of Spades stuck in my head because there's a King of Diamonds in the song...


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