Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I think this is the first one of these Monday reading lists I've done this month. Must admit, February hasn't really been a great reading month for me. So far, I've only finished one book and haven't managed to get any reviews posted. I do have several of those in the works, though, and should get at least a couple up this week. Mostly what I've done this month is play with my new Filofax organizer - I'll probably have a post about that coming up, too. (I know you just can't wait!) So, anyway here's how things are shaping up now that the month's more than half gone:
  • Finished last week:

    Bad Boy, by Peter Robinson. Don't know why it took me so long to finish this one, since it was really very enjoyable.

  • Reading this week:

    Henrietta Sees It Through, by Joyce Dennys. This is an Early Reviewer book from Library Thing, so I've dropped everything else to get it read asap. It's a short book so it really shouldn't take a whole week to read, but with the way my reading has been going lately, I wouldn't make any bets.

  • Next up:

    I still need to finish up The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady by Elizabeth Stuckey-French and Back When We Were Grownups by Anne Tyler. After that, I'm not sure; but I've got a pile of ARCs that I really should wade through before the year gets too much farther along. Gotta get myself out of the winter doldrums and back on track.

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey. If you want to let the world know what books you're going to be reading this week, head on over to her blog and leave your link. It's also a great way to discover new books and new blogs.


  1. I'm still eagerly awaiting your opinion on the Radioactive Lady. The title and cover are just so intriguing! I went ahead and added it to my TBR list.

    Here's my Monday:

  2. You read some great books! Look forward to read your reviews!

    Here is my Monday: Mailbox/What Are You Reading?/Musings post!

  3. Looks like you have a great line up for this week, I hope you enjoy your reads.

  4. You have some good books coming up. I think I have done ok this month... I will do a recap next week and see if that is true :)

  5. The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady just cracks me up. I hope you enjoy it.

  6. Great week! I loved Back When We Were Grownups...

    Hope you enjoy all of your books.

    Here's MY MONDAY MEMES post.

  7. Great list of books! I'm looking forward to hearing about your Filofax, too. I love organizational systems!

  8. I'm ready to get out of the winter doldrums too!! Your reading this week looks like it will be good!!

  9. Great books! The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady sounds like too much fun! I hope you enjoy them all!


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