Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Teaser Tuesdays: Juliet

Wow – last day of August. Can't believe this year is zipping by so fast. Fall is right around the corner; although that's hard to believe too, what with temperatures still in the 90s here in Northern Virginia.

So, here we have the last teaser of the month. This week my teaser lines come from Anne Fortier's debut novel Juliet. Since I'm just getting started on this one, I'm using the first lines from the book's Prologue. And this is Juliet speaking – one of the Juliets, anyway:
They say I died. My heart stopped, and I was not breathing – in the eyes of the world I was really dead. Some say for three minutes, some say four; personally, I am beginning to think death is mostly a matter of opinion. (p.3)
Hmmm. Sounds a little like something Anne Rice might have written. I'm hoping Julie isn't hanging out with the undead.

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  1. You are right, it does sound a lil Anne Rice-ish, but I like it.

    Our teaser is at BookSake.

  2. Very interesting! "...death is mostly a matter of opinion."

  3. Great teaser :) Can't wait to read your review

    Here's my teaser

  4. Excellent teaser! I look forward to reading Juliet. :) I agree with you that this year is flying by far too fast! I can't believe tomorrow marks the beginning of September already!

  5. Romeo's Juliet after she drank the potion? Nice teaser. Here's mine.

  6. A couple of weeks of summer are left, I hope!!
    I've got this one on my stack somewhere. Enjoy.

  7. intriguing teaser. I will check this book out to find out more.

    thanks for dropping by at my blog

  8. Interesting teaser! Love the attitude. I'll have to look this book up at my library. And I agree about this 90 degree Virginia weather. I'm so ready for fall!

  9. I like the voice in that one! It's a very interesting teaser.

    Thanks for checking out mine!

  10. The best teaser I have read yet today!


  11. "Death is mostly a matter of opinion..."

    This I like; sounds like a promising start!


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