Sunday, January 17, 2010

Themed Reading Challenge 2010

I really thought I was finished signing up for reading challenges for 2010, but I guess I was wrong about that. Just found one more I cannot possibly pass up. Caribousmom is once again hosting the Themed Reading Challenge in 2010 - just read five books between February 14th and August 14th, and you choose your own theme. How fun is that?

I mulled over a lot of possible themes, but I think I'm going with one that's close to my heart - "women of a certain age." That is, books with older female protagonists. And what's older? you may ask. Well, I would say probably over fifty. And I would also say that's a very rude question, kiddo!

It's a theme I especially enjoy because I'm an older female protagonist myself now. Or maybe, in my case, that should be antagonist. Well, whatever.

I haven't decided on any particular titles yet, but I've got a list of possibilities on my challenge blog, and I'll be updating my progress there, as the year goes on.


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