Saturday, January 09, 2010

Challenge Completed: Suspense-Thriller 2008-2009

Another challenge I completed last year, but haven't wrapped up yet is the Suspense & Thriller Challenge. It was hosted by J. Kaye of J. Kaye's Book Blog, and started back in 2008.

I loved this one. So much so that I've already signed up for the 2010 version. I want to say a really big thank you to J. Kaye for hosting and doing all that work, and to all the other participants for their wonderful reviews and recommendations.

Here's my list of the books I read, along with categories, and links to reviews where reviews exist (I'm still working on those - so, more to come). I enjoyed all the books (some more, some less, of course), so I'm not going to choose a favorite, but I will say I was probably most surprised by Angels & Demons: after all the hype, it was really a much better read than I was expecting.

The list:
  1. Action Thriller: Blasphemy, by Douglas Preston [review to come]
  2. Amateur Detective Mystery: Wish You Were Here, by Rita Mae Brown
  3. Cozy Mystery: Mrs. Malory and Death By Water, by Hazel Holt
  4. Drama Thriller/Mystery: The Private Patient, by P.D. James [review to come]
  5. Historical Thriller: Land of Marvels, by Barry Unsworth [review to come]
  6. Literary Thriller: The Bookman's Wake, by John Dunning [review to come]
  7. Murder Mystery: Cover Her Face, by P.D. James
  8. Police Procedural Thriller: The Way Through the Woods, by Colin Dexter
  9. Psychological Thriller: Mr. White's Confession, by Robert Clark
  10. Religious Thriller: Angels & Demons, by Dan Brown
  11. Serial Killer Thriller: Dance of Death, by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child [review to come]
  12. Supernatural Thriller: Brimstone, by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child [review to come]


  1. Fantastic! You did great. Don't forget about the giveaway at the end of the month.


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