Sunday, December 27, 2009

Typically British Reading Challenge 2010

Well now, how could I possibly pass up a challenge with a name like that? Even though I thought I was all done with challenge sign-ups for next year, this is one I've just got to add to the list.

The Typically British Reading Challenge is another great challenge being hosted by Book Chick City, and runs throughout 2010. And, of course, the purpose of the challenge is to read typically British books. (Duh! Don't I just say the most obvious things!)

This challenge is for fiction only - no nonfiction; but any format is allowed, and you don't have to make a list to start with. Also, crossovers with other challenges are OK.

There are four different levels of participation:
  1. "Put the Kettle On" - Read 2 typically British novels
  2. "Gordon Bennett" - Read 4 typically British novels
  3. "Bob's Your Uncle" - Read 6 typically British novels
  4. "Cream Crackered" - Read 8 typically British novels
Since I typically read an awful lot of typically British fiction anyway, I'm going to sign up for Level Four (actually, I'm feeling pretty "cream crackered" right now!) and read eight novels. I'm not going to make a list; but I've already got A.S. Byatt's The Children's Book, Penelope Lively's Family Album, and a bunch of Hazel Holt's Mrs. Malory mysteries on the back burner for next year, and I'll be updating my progress on my challenge blog.


  1. Cool! Super that you will be joining in the British invasion, I mean fun. How could we resist those levels? I'm signed up for "Bob's your uncle". Good luck with it.

  2. Good luck, I'm getting my list finalized in my head. I think most will be mysteries.

  3. Hi, welcome to the Typically British challenge, so pleased you signed up! Have fun :)


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