Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tuesday Thingers: Authors

For this week's Tuesday Thingers topic, Wendi (Wendi's Book Corner) has some questions about LT authors:

Did you know that there are 1497 authors participating in LT Authors? If you haven't checked it out, head over for a moment and see if you can find out something new about an author! If you don't have time to go snooping, have you ever looked at the LT Author page before? Did you know that it is for authors and readers alike? Have you ever looked up a favorite or new author on LT to see what they read and if they have left any comments or reviews themselves? Have you ever told an author about LT Authors and encouraged them to check the site out?

I have actually looked at the LibraryThing Authors Page once or twice in the past. Probably when I was looking up something for another Tuesday Thingers post. I've never really found it all that interesting or useful. Yes, there are quite a few authors listed, aren't there? Didn't realize there were so many. I didn't read the entire list, but of the first couple of hundred "most popular," I only recognized three or four.

I looked up a few of my favorite contemporary authors, but didn't find any of them listed. Before today, I had never done that. I've also never told an author about the site or encouraged an author to check it out. Shame on me! But then, I don't really know any authors. Well, none aside from the odd academic – and, yes, some of them are very odd indeed (apologies to my hubby and his colleagues).


  1. Would certainly be cool if some more contemporary authors would join up. It is fascinating to see what our favorite authors are reading.

  2. I've never looked at that page. In addition, I seldom read author interviews. I just like to read their works.

  3. I don't recognise many on the list either. Better I think to come at it sideways and look up author accounts when you notice users who happen to be authors as well!

  4. I think it's cool when they go through and list a large library - not so much the authors who only have their own books, or none at all!

  5. I didn't recognize a lot of the authors on the list either.

  6. I would love to see what contemporary authors are reading too!! I haven't spent much time at Library Thing.

  7. You know, I was surprised that I didn't recognise more authors on the list!

    Thanks for participating in Tuesday Thingers this week!

    Have a wonderful week ~ Wendi


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