Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tuesday Thingers: Recently Added

This week, Boston Bibliophile asks:

LibraryThing's Recently Added feature: do you look at it? Do you use it for ideas? Is there something listed there now that looks interesting to you? What have you added to your LT library recently?

Well, actually I have those features turned off so I don’t have to see them every time I look at my LT home page. Which isn’t often – I’m more apt to check into my profile page. Had to turn them back on to look at them. So I guess the short answers to the first questions would be no and no.

After looking at the features, I have to say it is kind of neat to see all my recently-added covers lined up there. I think I turned that feature off in the first place because it was taking a long time for all the cover graphics to load. Or possibly because at that time I was adding a lot of Library of America titles to my library, and those covers are kind of boring when you see them all lined up together. (Not a reflection on the literature inside the covers, mind you.)

The other recently-added feature – the one that shows books added by others – I’m still not that excited about. I suppose if I kept an eye on it, I might find a few things that interest me. Not that I need any help adding books to my TBR list – finding books that interest me has never been a big problem.

So, what have I added to my LT library recently? Well, I added a couple of books that I’ve recently reviewed: Superfudge, by Judy Blume, and Mr. White’s Confession, by Robert Clark. Also several books by Angela Thirkell (Miss Bunting / Peace Breaks Out / Never Too Late) that I found at a local used book store. And a few Viragos I just bought on eBay: Saraband by Eliot Bliss, Young Entry by M.J. Farrell (Molly Keane), and The Matriarch by G.B. Stern. I love Viragos – especially the green covers.

The most recent book I’ve added was Bridge of Sighs, by Richard Russo. Got a free copy of that one from an ad that appeared on Shelfari a couple of months back. I had forgotten all about it, and it just appeared in the mail the other day. What a nice surprise. Dontcha just love it when that happens?


  1. I need to check LT out better. I didn't know I could turn features off.

  2. I didn't know you could turn things off either.
    I also had no idea what a Virago was. But I googled and ohh they look nice all lined up on a shelf. Most of my classics are the Wordsworth/Oxfords with navy blue spines. I like the way they all match and I can pick them up at Chapters for a good price.

  3. Yep! Just fifteen minutes ago, our doorbell rang, and I received four books I had asked for. Nice.

  4. I am the last person who has found out any new features on LT! But I do like the new presentation of the beautiful line-up of book covers. :)


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