Thursday, October 30, 2008

Booking Through Thursday: Conditioning

This week's BTT topic:

Are you a spine breaker? Or a dog-earer? Do you expect to keep your books in pristine condition even after you have read them? Does watching other readers bend the cover all the way round make you flinch or squeal in pain?

Afraid I can’t really come up with one definitive answer here. Some books I do try to keep in pristine condition – certain first editions, and copies of titles that I collect – like Alice in Wonderland or Huckleberry Finn. And some very old books, of course.

However, the very mention of spine-breaking makes me cringe. That’s a no-no. I don’t even like to break the spines of magazines.

If it’s a hard cover book, I try not to be a dog-earer (that’s why I have that huge collection of bookmarks). But paperbacks are fair game: usually not for marking my place (again – huge collection of bookmarks), but for noting passages I want to remember and write down later.

Which brings us to margin writing. And on that count, I’m afraid I have to plead guilty – I’m an enthusiastic note writer. I usually try to keep it short, and write lightly in pencil so I can erase later. But if you start investigating my library, you’ll find that most books are annotated to some degree. Well, it’s my book and I’ll write if I wanna!


  1. Thought I'd come back to say this: I'll keep the melt-your-book-in-the-car heat here in Phoenix, and you can keep those paper-eating cockroaches! (I think I'm now suffering from terminal goosebumps!!)

  2. I plead guilt in writing on the margin. But I have instead used post-its now. I use bookweight on recalcitrant books that won't lay flat. Bookmarks are just readers' best friend! :)

  3. I use bookmarks, no dog-ears!

    I'm reluctant to write in books, but I feel challenged by this BTT and will TRY to make notes in the next paperback I read.


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