Thursday, July 03, 2008

Booking Through Thursday: Holidays

This week's BTT topic:
It's a holiday weekend here in the U.S., so let’s keep today's question simple–What are you reading? Anything special? Any particularly juicy summer reading?

Great. Simple is good – we're getting ready to leave any minute now, for a few days in the mountains. And knowing M's penchant for spending as much time as possible "on the trail," I assume I won't have all that much time for reading while we're there. Instead of books, my backpack will most likely contain massive amounts of bottled water, Band-Aids, Aspercreme, and Tylenol.

But there will be long evenings in the cabin or lodge. And I hardly ever leave home without at least one book. This time I'm taking two. One's a whodunit, Wish You Were Here, by Rita Mae Brown (one of the Mrs. Murphy mysteries). And the other is Summer Reading, by Hilma Wolitzer, which I intended to read last summer, but somehow never got around to.

As for the rest of the summer, I've got quite an impressive pile of books to choose from – including several ARCs that I feel obligated to read as quickly as possible, and a few more books for a couple of challenges I've signed up for. So I definitely have enough to keep me busy. Now if I can just avoid sliding down the mountainside or being eaten by a bear, I'm all set.


  1. have a great time hiking- sounds like lots of fun :-)

  2. I read Summer Reading - I do feel like it's one of those perfect summer reads!

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  4. Let me know how Summer Reading turns out; it's gotta be good!

  5. I think you gonna have great fun with or without reading!

    Booking through holidays

  6. Ooh, hiking. I haven't done that much, but I've enjoyed it when I have! I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy those books. =)

  7. Have a great time on your trip! Sound like you will have lot of reading to do this summer. Let us know how that turn out :)

    Happy Reading! Happy BTT and have a good weekend ahead

  8. You know, you never mentioned bears....hmmmm?


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