Sunday, May 01, 2016

Week Links

Just a few of the items that caught my interest this past week, around the Internet.

The Bookish

Little Shaq Takes a Chance
(Who knew Shaquille O'Neal has now authored a series of children's books?!)
Bloomsbury Publishing

Nights of Terror, Days of Weird
(A look at author Terry Southern and a book of his letters, edited by his son.)
Oxford American / Will Stephenson / 22 March 2016

The Oldest Libraries Around the World
("A selection of beautiful places to start your day.")
Flavorwire / Alison Nastasi / 24 April 2016

Shakespeare First Folio Time for an Anniversary
(In three volumes, shelved in the library at Mount Stuart House.)
New York Times / Jennifer Schuessler / 6 April 2016

The top 33 bookstores in Toronto by type
("Toronto book stores haven't all packed up shop just yet.")
BlogTO / Derek Flack / 27 April 2016

Was there a cover-up over Shakespeare's death?
("The 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death reignites interest in a great literary mystery.")
The Spectator / Lloyd Evans / 23 April 2016

And the Non-Bookish

These Levi's jeans are designed to to give you a wedgie, which seems wrong
(Levi's new jeans are billed as "the cheekiest jeans in your closet." Ouch.)
Slate / Christina Cauterucci / 27 April 2016

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