Friday, November 28, 2014

2015 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge

I really don't have any business browsing for new reading challenges, when I did such a lousy job with my 2014 challenges -- I'll be leaving several of them unfinished, and I hardly posted any reviews all year. But I'm hoping to do a much better job in 2015. (No -- really, I am.)  And these challenges do serve their purpose (as far as I'm concerned, anyway) of keeping me reading.

Besides, I love these alphabet challenges. They appeal so much to my list-making mentality. And the 2015 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge, hosted by Dollycas (over at Escape with Dollycas Into a Good Book) is invitingly light on rules and regs: Just read one book for each letter of the alphabet. Any genre is OK, reviews are not required, make your list of titles now or add them as you go along, all formats are acceptable, and crossovers with other challenges are allowed encouraged. Could not get much simpler.

Oh, and re-reads are fine, too.

See the challenge announcement page (HERE) to read all about it and sign up. I don't have any firm ideas yet about what I'll read, so my list is without titles right now and waiting to be filled in. I'll also be tracking my progress over on my challenge blog during the year.

UPDATE (August 2015): It looks like I never actually got signed up for this challenge. So I'll put this one down as finished, if not really completed, due to technical difficulties!

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