Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 Chunkster Reading Challenge

I was going to give this one a miss this time around, since I'm pretty much committed to reading shorter books this year.  But there are two or three massive tomes I'd like to get through, too.  So I'm signing up for the 2014 Chunkster Reading Challenge, hosted this year by Vasilly.

For the purposes of the challenge, a chunkster is a book with 450 or more pages; it can be fiction or nonfiction, and e-books and audiobooks are allowed.  If you need inspiration, you can find some good chunkster suggestions over on the challenge blog

One really nice thing about this year's challenge is there are no set levels of participation - you can set your own level without being locked into a predetermined number of books.  I'm going to aim for just two big books this year: 

1. Ten Lords A-Leaping. C.C. Benison (490 pages)

Hoping to do a little better than that, but two might just be all I can handle. 


  1. I'm waiting for the challenge where they feature reading thin books, easily tucked into a purse!

  2. Hi, Teresa! Thanks for the visit. Actually, there IS such a challenge. It's called the Quick Fix Challenge and it's hosted by Jessie's Book Place. Books have to be under 300 pages to qualify. I signed up right away when I discovered it - hoping that shorter books will keep me from getting bogged down this year.

  3. I did this challenge last year, and was able to get to my goal of "Do these books make my butt look big?" which felt like a real accomplishment. I like that this year, there isn't a pre-determined level ---- good luck with your reading!

    1. Thanks, Jen - I'll probably need a lot of luck, since I'm such a SLOW reader. Yes, I really like the fact that there's no set number of books - that's what persuaded me to attempt this one again. Good luck with your reading, too!


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