Thursday, August 11, 2011

Booking Through Thursday: National Book Week

This week's BTT topic is National Book Week. And the prompt is: "Grab the closest book to you. Go to page 56. Copy the 5th sentence as your status. (We’ve done something similar to this before, but it’s always fun, so … why not?)"

Why not, indeed. Actually, I've recently posted one of these page-56 thingies on Facebook, which is I suppose where this probably got started (hence the reference to "your status").

The Facebook rules said not to mention the book's title, but since there's no rule about that here, I can say that this 56/5 quote is from the book I've been reading tonight: Martin Meredith's Born in Africa: The Quest for the Origins of Human Life:
In 1951, the Leakeys took Charles Boise to Olduvai.
And the rest, as they say, is history. Or maybe that should be pre-history?


  1. I haven't heard of this book before. Interesting sentence. Feel free to check out my BTT here.

    Rumana @ Relook the Book

  2. This looks really interesting. I have not heard of it before!

    Here is my BTT

  3. Actually, I've never heard of this book before.

  4. Sounds like an interesting book.

    here's mine:

  5. I've not heard of this one, hope it's good!

    House Millar - BTT

  6. Very cool :)

    Here's mine:

  7. Good sentence!

    I tried to play that game, but every sentence I came across was too lame to even post. Like, "The car stopped."

  8. Good sentence. My problem is I'm currently reading an ebook and have no idea where page 56 would be. And I'm listening to another book on audio, but that doesn't help either.

  9. Very nice. I added my titel, too. Couldn't help it. It made more sense that way.


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