Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Thingers: To Help or Not?

This week, Wendi is asking the Thingers group about the Help button that now appears on each LT page. She says: "This week's post is more of a challenge - I challenge you to go to a page and click the help button to see what comes up!" And she asks these questions: "Did you use the Help button? Did you get some good information on the page you were on? Did you use the edit feature to add/edit any of the information on the page?"

I had seen the little Help button, but hadn't really paid any attention to it until now. So I did some checking, and I have to say it makes me a little nervous. The blog says Help Thing is "available for everyone to edit." Everyone? Is that really a good idea? I think it's nice that the LT staff wants to allow members to have some control and input, but it just seems to me that sooner or later this is going to lead to massive screw ups, isn't it? I think they might just be making more work for themselves down the line, but I guess that's their decision, right?

Since I was just browsing, I didn't really get any information on the pages I looked at. And no, I didn't use the edit feature – and I doubt I'd be likely to do any editing. I'm not a techie, so I'm usually a little skittish about messing with anything that smacks even vaguely of HTML.

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  1. it's the same issue with all these wiki- things. I assume there is some sort of control in place or what would stop someone from messing any wiki up just as a joke or whatever.

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