Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Well, today I'm still reading John Updike's Rabbit Is Rich. I've been reading John Updike's Rabbit Is Rich for three weeks now. And it looks like I'll be reading John Updike's Rabbit Is Rich for the next three weeks, if I keep going at this rate. Nothing to do with the book – it's very enjoyable. I just haven't been able to settle down to reading for any length of time, for some reason.

But I may take a little break from Rabbit and his tribulations this week, because we're headed for the Delaware coast in a couple of days. So I'll probably be looking for something a bit lighter for beach reading. I'm planning to take along at least two or three books – a main read, and a couple of back-ups. And I'm assuming I'll probably pick up a few books along the way; I usually do, although most of the area bookstores I always enjoyed browsing have closed in the last couple of years.

Haven't made my final pick yet, but this is my short list.
  • Dance of Death, by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I'm actually about halfway through this one, so I'm pretty sure I'll be taking it along.
  • Victory Over Japan, by Ellen Gilchrist. This would be a good choice because it's a book of short stories and can be dipped into for short bursts between naps in the sun and dips in the surf. Besides, I'm reading it for a challenge that ends in a few weeks.
  • The Inn at Lake Devine, by Elinor Lipman. I've had this book on my TBR list for years now – ever since I read Lipman's The Ladies' Man, which I loved.
  • The Atlantis Revelation, by Thomas Greanias. I have an ARC of this and really should get it read as soon as I can. The only problem is that it's a hard cover, and I really prefer to take paperbacks to the beach.
  • Fer-de-Lance, by Rex Stout. I started this one back at the beginning of the summer, but never managed to finish it. So it's a likely candidate.
  • The Romance Readers' Book Club, by Julie L. Cannon. I really don't know much about this novel – just picked it up from one of the bargain bins at Border's a couple of months ago. Just sounds like it would be a great summer read.
So, those are my choices for this week's reading matter. The list may change, of course. And I definitely won't be getting all of them read. In fact, if we get really good weather while we're there, I may devote most of my time to sunning and beachcombing and general time wasting. I'm really good at that last one.

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  1. Wow, I have never read any of those novels, but I shall be looking into them. Happy choosing and reading. :)
    Mine are here:

  2. Joy...For some reason The Inn at Lake Devine is one of those rare books that has been read 3x by me. I just loved it for some reason. Hope you read and enjoyed it, or do get to read it soon.

  3. I've been wanting to read RAISING ATLANTIS forever!

  4. Have a great week of reading!

  5. I read the synopsis for Romance Readers' Book Club - sounds like a good book and I'm adding it to my TBR list. Have a good week!


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