Thursday, July 02, 2020

Book Beginnings: The Jane Austen Society

The Jane Austen Society
by Natalie Jenner
St. Martin's Press, May 2020

Opening Lines
Clawton, Hampshire
June 1932
He lay back on the low stone wall, knees pulled up, and stretched out his spine against the rock. The birdsong pierced the early-morning air in little shrieks that hammered at his very skull. Lying there, still, face turned flat upwards to the sky, he could feel death all around him in the small church graveyard. 

About the Book
A heartbreaking and uplifting novel of hope, loss and love.

It’s only a few months since the war ended but the little village of Chawton is about to be hit by another devastating blow. The heart of the community and site of Jane Austen’s cherished former home, Chawton estate is in danger of being sold to the highest bidder.

Eight villagers are brought together by their love for the famous author’s novels, to create The Jane Austen Society. As new friendships form and the pain of the past begins to heal, surely they can find a way to preserve Austen’s legacy before it is too late?

Initial Thoughts

I guess my first thought is that we've got a really depressing opening there. But the book is supposed to be "uplifting," so I'm assuming (and hoping) it gets some uplift pretty quick.

I received an advance copy of Natalie Jenner's debut novel several months ago, but had to put it on hold in order to finish up a few other books. So I'm getting to it a little late. (Yeah, like that never happens around here!)

This one's a little out of my comfort zone — lately, I've been reading mysteries and suspense novels almost exclusively. But variety is a good thing, right? Not sure how long I'll stick with it, but I'm eager to make a start.

Have a good weekend, everyone.
Stay safe. Stay calm. And happy reading!

Rose City Reader hosts Book Beginnings on Friday.  As she says, the idea is to post the first sentence (or so) of the book you're currently reading, along with any first impressions or thoughts you have about the book, the author, etc.  It's a wonderful way of adding new books to your must-read list, and a chance to connect with other readers and bloggers.


  1. I'm annoyed that I could not get this book!

  2. I am contemplating listening to this one because it is narrated by Richard Armitage. Aural bliss!

  3. I have been eyeing this book. Hope you enjoy the uplift! Here's mine: “THE SWAP”

  4. I am eager to read this one and hope you enjoy it! Have a great weekend and stay safe and well.


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