Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Challenge Wrap-Up: 2016 Women's Fiction Reading Challenge

The 2016 Women's Fiction Reading Challenge was hosted by The Book Date. I signed up at the "Motivated" level (Level #1: read 1-5 books) and actually read seven books I think qualify for the challenge. Didn't do such a great job of reviewing those books, but still think the challenge was pretty successful.

Here's what I read:
  1. The Last September. Nina de Gramont 
  2. The People in the Photo. Hélène Gestern 
  3. My Name Is Lucy Barton. Elizabeth Strout 
  4. Miller's Valley. Anna Quindlen
  5. A Fine Imitation. Amber Brock 
  6. This Too Shall Pass. Milena Busquets 
  7. The Book That Matters Most. Ann Hood 
I haven't seen an announcement for a 2017 edition of the challenge, but I want to say thanks to Kathryn at The Book Date for hosting this one.

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