Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Teaser Tuesday: The Lost Girls

This week my teaser lines come from The Lost Girls, the debut novel by Heather Young (William Morrow, July 2016). This snippet is from p.64:
Back at Lucy's, she pulled out the chocolate chips she'd smuggled into the Walmart shopping cart and announced they were going to bake cookies. Melanie's eyebrows shot up so fast that Justine laughed. "It's starting-over time" she told her, "and that requires cookies."

Well, what doesn't? Right?

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  1. Oh, I vote for cookies when starting over! I like the idea of them as a way to begin again...and I'm curious about what else has happened in this story. Thanks for sharing...and here's mine: “THE LAST GOOD GIRL”

  2. Cookies are good for what ails you. LOL I like the character already:)

    My TT from Extinct

  3. Your Teaser sounds so sweet and innocent, completely at odds with the book's cover and title! I'm curious about how they fit together. By the way, I'm definitely pro-cookies for almost any occasion.
    My Tuesday post features THREE WEEKS WITH MY BROTHER.

  4. Great teaser! Here is my TT: http://shoshireads.weebly.com/home/teaser-tuesday3908935


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