Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Teaser Tuesdays: Mrs. Malory and No Cure For Death

This week my teaser lines come from one of Hazel Holt's Mrs. Malory mysteries, No Cure For Death. I really love this series of cozies, and I'm trying to finish it up this year.  Don't know what I'll do with no more Mrs. Malories to read -- start over from the beginning, I guess!

Anyway, this snippet is from page 109 of the American paperback edition:
Was John Morrison a good man? I wondered as I made myself a cup of tea when I got home. He was brilliant -- everyone agreed about that -- but good?... I wished I'd known him, properly as a person, not just casually as a doctor, so that I could know what he was really like and understand why someone hated him enough to kill him.
I know that sounds like a bit of a spoiler, but (as in all the Mrs. Malory tales) we know pretty much from the beginning who the victim is going to be. And all the violence happens off-stage in these books, which is one of the things I love about them.

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  1. I like it! Now I want to read this one...thanks for sharing.

  2. Hmmmm, there is a difference between being good and having a brilliant mind. Thought provoking.

  3. I've only read one of this series, but enjoyed it. Good teaser, by the way, there is a definite difference between "brilliant" and "good."


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