Thursday, May 17, 2012

Booking Through Thursday: Live In

This week BTT asks: "If you had to choose to live within a novel, which would it be?" -- which is a very intriguing question for me at the moment. M and I are in the midst of our move from Virginia back to Texas, and I've been spending the last couple of weeks packing, packing, packing. Oh, and doing a little packing, too! And now we're just days away from hitting the road to follow the van (so to speak) on its way to our new abode.

Sooooo.... While I can't really think of any specific novel I'd like to live in, I really would appreciate the benefits of a teleporter right now -- something that would just scramble all the molecules of all the stuff we've got to move and then reassemble everything, 1500 miles away. And do the same with the hubby and me. So my new-environment-novel would probably have to be science fiction -- most likely one of the Star Trek books. Hey there, Scotty, fire up the old transporter and beam me home!


  1. A teleporter would be amazing. I travel for a living and there are so many times I wish I could just skip all the flying and just be in my destination or more importantly when I am going home to just be home right away.
    See my answer here
    Happy reading!

  2. Good luck with your move! Last year we moved from Florida to Japan & I am happy to not have to move for a few more years again!

  3. I like the teleporter idea...what fun!

    I'd want to drop in and leave whenever I here's MY THURSDAY MEMES POST

  4. It will be awesome when we can just teleport whenever we want to!!

    In the meantime, I hope your move goes well!

    Here's my response:

  5. Great answer.

  6. A teleporter would be great! I love Star Trek. Good luck with your moving!

  7. Good luck with the move. A teleporter would definitely be nice.

  8. Funny, I was thinking about the concept of "beaming up" last night while on my daily trek home from Brianna's. Please be safe coming home -- can't wait for you to get here!

  9. What a wonderful description of being watched by someone you might not know or know and don't like.


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