Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Teaser Tuesdays: Tales from Tinseltown

This week my teaser lines come from Roger Moore's new book of reminiscences, One Lucky Bastard: Tales from Tinseltown. I've loved Roger Moore since I was a kid, ever since his days on The Alaskans TV show. And he was my favorite James Bond, too. So when I saw that GoodReads was offering advance copies of this one, I put in a request and was delighted when they told me I'd won! This snippet is from his chapter on his early years at England's Pinewood Studios (please remember that, as this is coming from an advance copy of the book, the quote might be different in the published edition):
And as for my old mate Maurice Micklewhite, his agent suggested it wasn't the sort of name that tripped off the tongue easily, so young Maurice looked across from the phone box at Leceister Square where he was calling from and saw The Caine Mutiny was playing at the Odeon. Henceforth Michael Caine, film star, was born. (p.78)
Ah, Michael Caine -- another of my faves.  The book is made up of lots and lots of similar anecdotes, and should make for a very fast read -- and a nice break from the murder and mayhem in all the whodunits I've been reading lately.

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  1. Michael Caine is awesome :)

  2. This definitely sounds like an entertaining book and a great escape. I enjoyed your Teaser.
    Here's the link to my Tuesday post: SUMMERTIME.

  3. I've never cared much for memoires or biographies, but hope you enjoy this one. Mine: The Phantom of the Opera

  4. This sounds like such a fun read! Thanks for sharing!
    Here's My Teaser.


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