Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Teaser Tuesdays: The Inn at Lake Devine

This week my teaser lines come from Elinor Lipman's The Inn at Lake Devine (first published in 1999). I read this one earlier this year and loved it; should be getting a review posted sometime soon (I'm trying to play catch-up this week). In this snippet (from page 32 of the paperback edition), it's the summer of 1962, and teenaged Natalie Marx and her mother are packing, getting Natalie ready to go away for a week's visit to the inn mentioned in the book's title:
We pressed and packed for days: Bermuda shorts and Villager shirts; a sleeveless shirtwaist dress of a muted plaid with a braided rope belt; a new Catalina bathing suit in blue jersey; a terry-cloth cover-up piped in pinpoint blue gingham; tops, shorts, and something then in fashion called a skort. New Keds and new Peds. A bathrobe of yellow seersucker, and two new pairs of baby dolls. A white cable-knit cardigan for cool evenings and a Radcliffe sweatshirt for cool days.
Gosh, that takes me back! Never owned a skort, but everything else on the list was part of my wardrobe in '62. Well, maybe not the Radcliffe sweatshirt -- that would have been a little exotic for a San Antonio girl back then.

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  1. I had a skort--looks more like baggy shorts though and couldn't wear it to work.

    Here's ours: http://ourstack.blogspot.com/2012/03/tuesday-teaser-twice.html

  2. I had a skort - probably when they came back around! I loved it. It was the first time my mom allowed me to wear shorts to school.

    My tease: http://sosimplesara.blogspot.com/2012/03/teaser-tuesday-9.html

  3. Wow, talk about traipsing down memory lane! Seersucker? I do remember it....And Catalina swimsuits.

    Thanks for the trip!


  4. I hope the little girl has a good time on this dream vacation.

  5. Sounds like she is packing for quite a trip! My blog

  6. I am almost scared to subscribe (but I did) because I have such a list of reading projects/challenges etc right now I cannot possibly live long enough...but I am intrigued and excited to see what you have to share. What's another few hundred titles on my list? I'm equally passionate about quilting - write a blog about that if anyone cares to peek

  7. I really enjoyed this book as well and you are correct, that was our typical wardrobe sans Radcliffe.


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